Identity driven Goals – webinar replay

Do you have planned your 2020 goals yet? Try drawing them!

I drew mine in last Tuesday's Drawing Club webinar. I made them "identity-driven goals, which is an idea that comes from Seth Godin. I explain it in the webinar.

Here you can see the full replay (partly sped up) and the feedback round.

I put it into the "helpful templates" section of the Drawing Club Archive.


If you want to learn to draw, now is a good time to join.
On January 14th the price will go up. 

These are the topics of the upcoming webinars:

  • Learn basic perspective. (Very useful, even if you don't use perspective)
  • Visual storytelling: Draw "The Problem". Monsters and villains
  • Visual storytelling: Draw "from confused and helpless to happy and relaxed"
  • Attractive diagrams and graphs


webinar zeichnen.jpg

Illustration made easy

Ok, I have to go and do my pushups. Because I am the kind of person who does what it takes to get from (not even) one pushup to ten, in one year.

Lots of love, thanks for reading!