Bad hair day?

Bad hair day?


You would think that hair is the least important thing for people who want to draw sketchnotes,  communicate their business message, or post drawings on social media.

But, after teaching hundreds of business owners to draw simple illustrations, I have seen that some - not all, but some - get hung up on drawing hair.

So, while in theory, hair isn't important at all, in reality, it can be a stumbling block that keeps you from drawing.

Now, drawing hair is dead simple, Draw an oval and add a few scribbles. Some people do it intuitively, and it turns out great.

But there is a principle that will help a lot if you are struggling:


- hair in the front, bangs or swept to the side

- the face oval sits behind it

- long hair is hanging down behind the oval.

That is all.

The illustration is part of the "hair" module of my Simple illustration course.

Note to all business owners, also those who don't draw: Is there an "unimportant" little thing that gets in the way of your customer's success? Can you help them get rid of it in a social media post?

Note to all business owners who DO want to draw: "Sketching for social media starts in September"!


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