Jellyfish with style

I wanted to illustrate "ideas are like jellyfish, floating in your brain.
Because these days I'm playing a lot with Midjourney, I had it make jellyfish.
It takes seconds to produce the most beautiful jellyfish pictures in any style you want. The problem is almost  that the images are almost too beautiful! I made a video about it.
I scribbled on top of them to make a little visual story for social media.
The story evolved as I went through the images. It ended with "find an umbrella that fits your ideas" - inspired by one big umbrella-like jellyfish.
Then I became curious about what would happen if I did a bare-bone strip of the same story, back to the roots.
Drawing the images was much faster than generating them in Midjourney. Also, because I get lured down the rabbit hole in MJ, trying another and another variation.
But even more interesting than the time saving was that the story changed!
While I was drawing, it was more straightforward to pinpoint that the best way to capture ideas is to draw them! And not introduce the idea of an umbrella.
I felt a freedom I didn't know I had lost during the Midjournedy experiments.
I was free to be as deliciously murderous as I wanted.
Now I wonder if the whole Midjourney craze is just a distraction (for me) and if I should stick to my weapon of choice.
Less glowy and glittery, but sharper.
If you want to learn about visual storytelling, digital drawing and Midjourney - here is a course for you.
Visual Thinkers' Business club meetings included!