Let it fly!


I keep talking about the benefits of finding and doing your One Thing - the thing you want to get known for.


Think of it as your red thread.

The One Thing can be an opinion. (Start with Why...)

Or a specialized service. (Business Storyboarding!)

Or a colour (Yves Klein...)

Maybe it is something that you are already doing, but with a new name.

Or a narrower target group.

Or both.

Narrowing down your offers means you can be sharper in your marketing.

Of course, there are always things to tweak and try out. Nothing is set in stone.

The whole business thing is an ongoing process of inventing and re-inventing.

Where are you at in the process? Have you found your red thread?

Is it a colour, a service, or something else?




P.S. – My summer superpower course is a chance to drill down to find and market your superpower! I decided to make it self-paced, with two 1:1 storyboarding sessions, so you can schedule the course around your travelling and other summer activities. And then, imagine – your superpower is ready in September, so you can start selling!