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Let’s talk Superpowers

No alternative text description for this imageWhat are your superpowers?
If you are at loss for words to describe what makes you unique, try a personality test! According to the Gallup strengths finder test, my strengths are strategic thinking, ideation and visioning.
- "Find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena"? Yes!
- "Take something familiar and view it from a strange but enlightening angle"? Yes!
- "Discover elegantly simple concepts beneath a complex surface"? Hell yes!
That's exactly what I'm doing in my Brand Storyboarding sessions, and I'm going to incorporate some of these sentences to my website.
I want to encourage you to do the same. We want to know who you are, not only what you do. We want to know how you are different. There is no right or wrong here. If something resonates, use it. Here are a few sources:- The Gallup strengths finder
- Sally Hogshead's "How to fascinate"
-PMAI Brand Archetype (you find a free mini version of it here on my website)
.What is your superpower?