Life upgrade No.1

Life upgrades 2023! I changed habits, I bought gadgets, I traveled.

Here is No. 1

Last year, I had gotten into a rut of eating too much and moving too little.

I spend MANY hours in front of the computer.

Something had to change.

I started intermittent fasting (again), and I bought an Apple Watch almost against my own will, because I read somewhere that it helps you move more.

And, weirdly, it worked!

The "activity ring" made me up my step count from 3500 to about 10000 steps a day.

I lost 8 kg, and feel much better.

I think I'm even more effective with my work.

So... for me, this gadget was a good investment.

I'm curious: Have gadgets or other investments changed your life lately?

And if you're a fellow walker: Happy walking!

P.S. I'll talk about the "slow jogging" upgrade in another post!