Medha illustrates her universe. A student success story.

Medha is a coach and energy healer. She wanted to learn how to illustrate her newsletter and blog posts with drawings instead of stock images.

She has been a part of the Visual Thinkers' business Club for some time. Because she lives in Australia, she can't come to the live meetings.

But she is using both the course platform AND the live meetings extensively:

Medha has worked through the basic "Simple illustration" course, through most of the "Visual Thinkers' Library"  and the "Drawing on the IPad" modules.

Plus, she sends me questions and topic requests, for the live meetings, like:

  • "I'm struggling with shading. Can you take a look?"
  • How do I incorporate my brand colors?
  • Now that I have a collection of drawings - do you have tips for organizing them?

In the session, Medha gets feedback like everybody else, and she watches the recordings of the live sessions the day after.

It works great, as you can see!

You can read the newsletter here and check out her website (and see the difference between her older blogposts with stock images and the ones with drawings)

Here is what she wrote about the Visual Thinkers' Business Club:

I used to think that I wasn't creative. I definitely didn't think that I could draw.  I'm so glad I joined Visual Thinkers'.  Playing with how to communicate a new idea is fun, and a totally new skill for me. I love that I can get feedback on my drawings! 

Thank you, Medha, and congrats on your wonderful newsletter!!