Organizing stuff

Searching, finding or creating something new?

Creating lots of content is great. Having a whole library of texts and drawings that you can repurpose is such a time saver!

In theory.

The catch is: How do you find the one perfect picture from two years ago that you know is hidden in one of your folders?

The search function helps if you remember the filename, folder, or tag – if you have been smart enough to tag your pictures.


Unfortunately, often I'm not that smart.

Business coach George Kao recommends "organizing after deliverables." which has been a helpful principle for me.

Usually, I just throw all my drawings into one bucket.

Sometimes, browsing through the drawings in my bucket sparks a new idea for a post. (You are reading one of them right now!)

Often it is easier and more fun to quickly draw a new pic instead of searching for the old one.

Which then creates more files to organize...

What is your system to organize your content? Any tips are welcome!