People are finding you – what now?

Last week I wrote about spreading breadcrumbs so people can find you / your website.

But once they are on your site, what is it you want them to do?

You need a "call to action".  Here are two possibilities:

  • If you have productized services, a freebie and a welcome email series in place: Get them on your mailing list!
  • Or do you want clients for your high-ticket service? Direct them to your calendar so they can book a discovery session.

You can also use both. That's what I am doing.

Until last week my main CTA (call-to-action) was leading to a free storyboarding taster session. It worked well. Until it worked too well, and I got flooded with appointments. I loved every single one of them, but it was too much.

Now I'm trying something called "paid discovery": You can buy a taster session. We'll see how it goes.


Buy taster session


Alternatively, they can subscribe to this list. This is my "secondary CTA".


Subscribe to mail

Tell me about your call to action: I'm sure there are more possibilities than the two that I mentioned above.
What is yours, and how does it work?


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