Shiny Project Syndrome?

I had a blast sketching live at the Sorø City "Light Festival on Saturday. People were surprised and delighted that there was a real person (me!) drawing, and they could see my drawings emerge in real time on the big facade. 



Given their popularity, I reflected on whether to promote these "Lilluminations" more - i.e., talk about them on my website and social media.

I mean, it brings fun and money, what's not to like?

But, I found two more factors for the equation:

  • Fun: The joy of capturing spontaneous moments was undeniable. It's always a pleasure to see people's reactions to their portraits.
  • Money: This event was a paying job, rewarding my artistic expertise. It's nice when your talents bring in income.
  • Perspective: While the festival was fun, I see more perspective and potential in the strategic side of sketching - it is more scaleable and I can do it on Zoom.
  • Impact: The event had an immediate, happy impact. Yet, strategic sketching solves complex business problems and can have far-reaching effects.

While the festival was a blast, my main brand focus remains on my strategic  Big Picture Process – using visual strategies to clarify and solve business challenges.

If you're tempted by every new opportunity, pause and think.

Which of your ideas brings in the most fun? Money? Has the most potential? The biggest impact?

Btw, my "Superpower diagram" fits in nicely with this framework. You can download the Superpower worksheet here

(And I wonder if I should collect "passion and personality" in one circle, and name the circle on the right "perspective". What do you think?

P.S. Try creating a diagram like this for your clients!