Simplify to amplify

If you follow my posts, it can very well be that you're creative, and you have many ideas and interests.

You love to learn and improve. A new education, courses, certifications, or training seems to be the solution if business doesn't go as planned.

(Could it be you sometimes take courses to avoid marketing?)

The problem is that too many ideas, skills, and qualifications can lead to a muddled message. Displaying everything on your website will confuse your audience.

Try this instead: Take an assessment of all your skills and passions.

Put them all on a shelf - your "skill repository."

Pick one you would LOVE to sell, and see if you can make it more unique by infusing bits and pieces of your other talents and interests.

So instead of doing the dreaded "niching", you create a unique service that combines your profession, passion, and personality... AND solves the problem of a person willing and able to pay for it.

This can become the cornerstone of your brand.

The thing that you want to become known for.

You can still sell the packages from the back shelf if you want to!

I'm curious: How do you handle your abundance of ideas if you're one of those multi-talents?