Slicing an elephant

In yesterday's Branding Café, Nadia had a challenge to visualize: How to explain to her team that they must "slice the elephant" and not tackle all the tasks simultaneously.

I have to admit, I struggled a bit with incorporating an elephant into the picture. It is not something I had tried before.

But thankfully, the other participants helped, and Dorota came up with the idea that they could be "riding the elephant" in the second picture.

It was fun!

If you are interested in my Visual Thinkers' Business Club, watch the end of the recording where I give a little walkthrough of the course platform.

There is lots of material that you can dig into, from "Find your message" to "Find your style".

But the real magic lies in the meetings, where we draw together and help each other to come up with ideas about their message, just like it happened here with "riding the elephant."

And - you can request topics!

Next Tuesday, we're going to draw "women knitting" for a midwife, and "flower-people" for a coach who "helps people grow". Often you get inspiration also from other participants' messages.

On September 6th, we start a "Drawing on the iPad" course, that will then be added to the course platform. You have access to all my courses, and the (almost) weekly live meetings as long as you're a member.