Spread the light!

Spreading the light - lovely gift idea! Plus, meet my first coach.

Are you stressed out about buying Christmas gifts? Here is a different idea.

First, the back story.

Seven years ago, when I didn't know how to even start becoming more visible, I heard a lovely woman being interviewed on a podcast. I don't quite remember what she said, something about "spreading love". It touched something in me.

I gathered all my courage and contacted her. I said that I wanted to become more like the person she talked about in the podcast.

That's how I hired my very first coach, Sherry Richert Belul

She held my hand while I was publishing my first blog post (virtually, all the way from San Francisco)

Sherry's mission is to "to change the way we view gift-giving": Make moments into gifts, and "say it now".


One of her many wonderful gift ideas is to make a "love jar":

Write all the reasons why you love someone on paper slips, and put them in a jar with fairy lights.

Here you see one I made for my husband. It has a drawing from 7 years ago on the label. (The little one, Oskar, is now the tallest in the family).

Check out Sherry's website to find out how to make a love jar and read more about her inspiring ideas.

Maybe she's also the coach who can help you to step out into the light.

Have a great week ahead!