Stop overthinking – by moving fast!

If you give yourself an hour to complete a drawing, it will take an hour.

And worse: sometimes it never gets finished, because your brain starts overthinking.

What is helpful: A bit of adrenaline. It can get your creative fire going and help to put down something on paper.

That's why I like to start the Visual Thinkers' Business Club meetings with a quick-sketching round.

If you'd THINK about how to visualize "procrastination", "hiding" or "achiever", you would not know where to start.

But if you have only a minute, your hand will produce *something*. And chances are that this something isn't that bad!

And now I'll tell you a secret.

Every time I draw, my "inner mouse" shows up for a split second and says: "I have no idea how I will do this. I'll fail. Everybody will laugh."

Each and every time.

I have a very active inner critic.

But I know by now that if I ignore it and rely on my *hands* instead of my brain, the drawings usually turn out ok.

If you want to draw with a lovely group (and get some very gentle pressure...)  come join the Tuesday meetings at the Visual Thinkers’ Club. I put the link in the comments.

Or, the everyday solution:  Set a timer for one minute and draw.

Let me know if it works for you!