I hadn’t drawn since primary school

I sat down with Tarja Moles, organic intelligence coach and we talked about her experience in Visual Minds

"The last time I drew before joining Visual Minds was in primary school. And then I kind of went off drawing because I though "I'm rubbish at it. So there's no point in even trying."

But you are teaching the drawing in a very simple way. And combining it with the message of what you want to say – it's just perfect marriage between the two.
What caught me what you said very early on about doing ugly drawings – that became my mantra. Since that I'm practicing "ugly drawing", and it's been wonderful.

I use my cartoon pictures in my client work because they seem to be quite powerful. In the coaching situation, people remember them long time after. It's like, Oh yeah, there was that picture and it stays with me. I might be drawing something after a session, and they can recognize that the idea came from them. They appreciate that a lot.

I'm also currently illustrating "mindfulness-type" workbooks.

The meetings are amazing. It's almost like my mind gets blown every Tuesday because of something that you teach. And the people in the group are encouraging and supportive and just a thoroughly lovely bunch of people.

So it's just nice to get together and see familiar faces, learn something new. And there's such a lovely atmosphere in the classes."