The Big Picture Workshop

Where do you send people when they have been on your website, and they want to learn more about your work?

Have you ever tried to explain everything you do in an hour or less:

  • Your story,
  • your philosophy
  • your methodology

... and how it is all connected!

This isn't easy if you have been in business for some time. Often, what we do in our business evolves.

In your head, it all makes sense. But people can't look into your head!

Unless you draw it up in a diagram.

People new to my world don't know that there is a system behind it all. They might just see fun illustrations!

Therefore, I pulled together all the pieces and gave it a name. Tada...  the Big Picture Process!

The Lill Big Picture Process-01


And... drumroll... I'll present it in my Big Picture Workshop next Tuesday, at 8 PM Copenhagen time.

The Big Picture Workshop-03

If you want to connect the dots for YOUR business, please join me. It will be fun. You'll even learn to draw!

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!