The cover page for your business

last Friday I started to give away free website reviews. A handful of my readers was so brave to accept my offer and sent me over to their website.

It was lovely to see what they are doing – I looked at sites of artists, app developers and coaches.

Five minutes is not a long time to look at a website.


Your average visitor doesn’t even spend 5 minutes, it is more like 5 seconds! They glance over the first section. If it looks interesting for them, they might scroll down. If not, they are gone.

Use the first section of your site to grab your ideal client’s attention.

It is the cover page of your business.

I have seen a few websites that waste this part of the website. Instead of communicating what they do, they show decorative pictures and “teaser only” text.

If your name & tagline say what you do, a teaser might be fine. Otherwise: state clearly

what you are doing for whom.

Not only if you are an artist, app developer or coach.

good website

Greetings with a few snowflakes from Denmark