The Kindness Method, with Shahroo Izadi

I had a chat with Shahroo Izadi, who wrote the book "The Kindness Method." I started reading it, did a few exercises, and was so impressed that I immediately contacted her to come on the Big Idea Sketchcast!

What I especially love about her method is that you get to draw visual "kindness-maps"! Extra bonus!


Just wanting to reach a goal isn't enough to change behavior. Berating yourself makes it even more difficult.

Be kind to yourself, speak to yourself like you'd talk to someone you love. Make decisions you're proud of and behave in ways that make you happy, even when nobody's watching.

In the end, you'll find that you've not only reached your original goal, but also gained new motivational tools. It's like getting extra prizes!

Remember: You don't have to earn self-care. You can - - and should - give it to yourself already before you have achieved anything!

It's a big shift from what we usually hear.

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