The Kindness Method

Book tip: I picked up "The Kindness Method" by Shahroo Izadi after hearing her on a podcast.

Honestly, the title alone made me buy the book before I even listened to the podcast.

Changing habits with "The Kindness Method"?

I'm in!

Drawing visual  "maps" to change your negative self talk?

I'm double in!

One exercise asks you to write down "ways you're happy to be." Shahroo even gives a list of example words in her book.

Of course, you don't have to DRAW the ways you're happy to be.

But for visual minds, it sends a stronger message, and reminds you of situations where you have incorporated the "happy way of being".

Plus, it's fun.

Plus, it makes a nice social media post.

I'll keep working on my map - and there are more maps to come.

And I haven't even finished the book!