The magic diagram

Creative entrepreneurs often think they would feel boxed in when they hear they should find a niche.

I did too, back in the day.


When I started my design business, I took on every job that came my way, from corporate identities for high-tech companies to cute designs for storage boxes.

I told myself that I enjoyed the variety.

But I wasn't happy with all the jobs that came in.

I felt my head would explode if I had to typeset another package insert with tiny text in various languages.

Here is the turning point in my business.



I didn't want to continue like that.

I wanted to bring more ME into my work.

But I didn't know which direction to go yet.

So I drew a diagram with all the possibilities.

One thing box -02

I circled all the promising elements in red.

I still didn't know how to do it.

But today to my surprise I find myself doing exactly the fun stuff that I had drawn 7 years ago!



Here is my magic diagram:





P.S. I'll explain this  and all the other visual exercises to help you find your thing in my  Big Picture Workshop next Tuesday, at 8 PM Copenhagen time.

It will be fun.

You'll even learn to draw!