The pricing dilemma

One of the things that I'm preaching is "clarity first". I help my clients and students to clearly communicate their message.

But sometimes, clarity isn't that easy.

Especially if you can't decide how to package your service! There are so many possibilities.

You can only communicate your service clearly if you know what you are selling.

It happened to me with my drawing courses. 

What once was a tiny drawing class had grown into a big library of courses with a weekly meeting for my lovely drawing group.

I tried several pricing models that made sense to me,  and worked in a way – but they were too complicated!

People didn't understand my innovative system.

It is difficult to communicate clearly about a complicated product.

Sometimes it is better to go with a well-known formula.

As consumers, we mostly don't want to learn completely new things.

So, now I decided to go with a well-known pricing model: The Visual Thinkers' Business Club is now a monthly Netflix-style subscription.

This should be easy to communicate.

It feels good to have made a decision!

For new people, it is now way cheaper to dive into my visual thinking courses, and to try our Tuesday meetings for a month!

I'd love to hear from you: Do you face the same problem with "too many possibilities".

Or is it clear to you what you are selling?



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