Branding the Thick Shelled River Mussel

The Thick Shelled River Mussel is almost extinguished species. They found a few survivors though - almost in our back garden  - in the river Suså. (Imagine a wide creek...)

In order to re-established the rare mussel, the "river" needs to be made more natural again.

The biologists from Næstved Kommune contacted me to communicate the little mussel's problems, so the people living nearby (like me) would sympathize with it and bear with some changes in the landscape.

So I gave the brownish, nondescript little animal big expressive eyes, and her own branding with handwritten fonts and low-tech videos.

After all, it shouldn't look like all the money is going into advertising!

Which it didn't, I can assure you.

Read more about the Suså project here:



Here in English





More drawings from the mussel's world



Interactive map


First attempt to convince the citizens in a town hall meeting that the river should be renaturated.

Second town hall meeting four years later - with a less ambitious plan.