Think – feel – do. A framework for writing

Drawing is fun. But I found out drawing isn't enough. If you want to reach your audience, there is no way around writing - and writing well.

I came across a framework called „Think-feel-do“, that might be helpful for people like me who want to learn to write better. For impactful writing, you need to cover all three areas:

1) Think: The facts. What do I want my reader to know?

- that there are frameworks that help with writing?
- that it is words that sell, not pictures? (unfortunately!)
- that you are giving a class?

2) Feel: How do you want your audience to feel?
- Inspired?
- bold?
- energized?
- hopeful?

3) DO: What do you want your readers to do?
- start writing?
- buy your class?
- like and share your content?


I'm going to have these three things in mind in the future when I write.

I hope this helps, you, too.

Now, go write something!


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