You’re living in a story – Mary Alice Arthur

I interviewed "story activist" Mary Alice Arthur, author of "365 Alive: Find your Voice, claim Your Story, live Your Brilliant Life".

Mary Alice views each of us as a 'story field' - a blend of self-perceptions, others' views of us, cultural influences, and life experiences. She sees our lives as stories we can change, and it's this curiosity that can pull us out of our 'messy middles' - the confusion, conflict, and challenges.

Her book guides readers on a journey: arousing curiosity about stories, understanding their workings, and envisioning their future stories. A powerful tool to reshape our personal and professional narratives.

As a visual thinker, I was struck by her analogy of our human connection through stories to a forest's interconnected network of mycelium. It was inspiring to sketch our shared wisdom through narrative 'roots'.

Her transformative perspective on storytelling has left a mark. If you're on a journey of change, do explore her book "365 Alive".

And remember, we're all interconnected, through images and stories.

Keep creating and transforming your stories!

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