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Through the forest to a happy ending

"Worried about the world? Here’s what you need to know: We live in a story.
And that means that we can change it.“

Mary Alice Arthur is a story activist.

She just launched the the book 365 Alive! – A revolutionary field guide to your inner superpower – Story.

Before you read the book, you might

- Feel overwhelmed or perplexed, like you’re standing at a crossroads unsure of who you are now.
- Long to be in your life with power and passion, but feel stuck
- Wonder what comes next, saying to yourself: “There’s got to be more than this!”

When they are reading through the book, they go through 4 stages in order to arrive at their future story:
In story terms, this is "the pathway through the forest".

In the happy end, the reader finds their "story roots" – and can begin their brilliant mates, together with the friends they have picked up on the journey.