What is the shape of your business?

What is the shape of your business?

Visual business models are like a shorthand for communicating what you do. But... your business doesn't have one, but many shapes!

You can...
- Use a rectangular matrix to explain options to choose from.
- Draw a Venn diagram to show the main "ingredients" of your business.
- Sketch a flow chart on how people can buy your service.
- Draw what happens when they have hired you. Maybe they enter an upward spiral?

Try out how many diagrams you can fill – even if you never show your sketch to the public!

It is a useful exercise because you will discover new things depending on your template.

Have you ever tried to find the flywheel of your business?

I didn't even know I had one before I drew one in last Tuesday's session at the Visual Thinkers' Business Club!

Btw - we have a whole course about business frameworks and diagrams in the Club... Just saying!