What motivates you?


I've been pondering on what motivates us in business. It condenses down to four core desires: the impulse to create, the commitment to serve, the need to make money, and the aspiration for status.


1. The Creator Drive:

For many, there's a deep urge to craft something fresh, unique, and impactful. This can be self-expression through branding for yourself or for others. Or creating innovative products or marketin

g campaigns.


2. The Helper's Drive:

Every business addresses a problem or fulfills a need. The drive to make a meaningful difference can be as intense as the artist's passion.


3. The Money Drive:

Businesses need sustainability. Money isn't just a measure of success—it's the lifeblood that powers our ability to create and help.

4. The Status Drive:

Beyond money, there's a desire for recognition, respect, and stature. It's about our place in the community, how peers view us, and the reputation we build.

While we might feel a pull more towards one pillar than the others, the balance and interplay among them lay the foundation for truly thriving businesses. The sweet spot is where all these motivations intersect.

In my own business, my interest is firmly located in the "creating" circle of the diagram. But, of course, I want to help people, and I need to make money. I also have to admit that I like to be recognized for what I'm doing.

Because my "Creator Drive" is the biggest motivator, it is easiest for me to reframe the whole process of business building as a way to "create a beautiful business" that is balanced between all the circles.

Where do you find your strongest pull? Or have I forgotten something important?