Who is living in your head?

Do you know who is living in your head? Maybe somebody is standing in the way of your success!


The other day I got to explore a Voice Dialogue session with Mojca Henigman.


Here is who I met: 


On one side is the Creative Fairy. Sparkly, flowy, rose-colored, and pretty confident.

Then there is The Planner. He is in charge of the to-do list and the calendar - and he is pretty frustrated that things don't go after plan in our(?) life.

Now The Planner and I are trying to show the fairy that the grid is actually a beautiful set of bricks to play with.

We'll see how it goes. She did enjoy drawing some flowy illustrations for this post :)


I'm curious: Who are your protagonists in your (business) life? Are they similar to mine?


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