Who is your enemy?

The other day I had a session with coach Ann-Britt Bolinder from "Horses healing Humans". Today we got together to talk about the experience and help each other identify the philosophy that is behind our work.

Ann-Britt's work is resting on a "back-to-nature" premise. For her, our industrial world and stressful workplaces are making us sick. This is the enemy she is fighting against.

So far so easy. It is always easier to see for others, especially if you have drawn their Business Storyboard

But what about my work? Who is the enemy here?

To get to that, I asked: Why hadn't Ann-Britt figured out her business communication herself?

Before we had the session, she knew that she didn't explain properly what she was doing. All the jigsaw pieces she'd ever need were already in her head, but the idea of actually looking at them before putting them together didn't cross her mind.

Why not?

Because we are not taught to draw.

Drawing is considered "art", something that you need talent for.

But nobody says you need talent for writing a grocery list.

You just need to learn to write.

I wonder who is responsible that drawing is so neglected in our schools. Who doesn't want us to think with our whole brain?? Whoever or whatever it is, it is the "enemy" in my brand story.

Thank you for listening to my rant. I'll be happy to hear yours!!

Tip #1: Speak with your clients (Thank you Ann-Britt!!) and ask them why they haven't solved their problems on their own.

Tip #2: Write a public rant

Tip #3: Learn to draw.

"Enemy"-drawing from one of my drawing workshops!