Why do people buy something?

Do you have to solve a burning need with your services? Louis Grenier talks about the "bleeding neck problem".

Here is a case study with one subject - me: 

About me: I do and teach simple illustrations for business. It works well, I love it, and I have no plans on changing it. My message is: Drawing doesn't have to be art.

But then, something happened. 

Somebody mentioned a painting course by a woman called Louise Fletcher who teaches abstract painting, has a nice way of talking on video and seems to be good at explaining stuff. 

All of a sudden, I noticed how much I missed making art.

Funnily, I hadn’t been aware of this before I saw Louise’s course video!

I don’t have time for abstract painting.

The course is expensive.

I can paint without taking a class. 

But after I looked at her sales page, I became aware of a gap in my life that wasn’t there before! 

And I started talking myself into buying. 

“I could paint without taking an art class. But probably I won’t.

I have deserved a treat. 

It will inspire my illustrations. 

I can deduct it from the tax.

It will be interesting to see how she runs this. 

It is called Find your Joy!”

 This course doesn’t cure a bleeding neck problem in my business or life that I’m aware of.

But I chose to listen to a voice that talked about joy and inspiration - and I'm looking forward to it! (And don't worry, I won't completely change my drawing style)

 I'm curious - What are the hidden motivations when you are buying stuff? Does it mostly fall into the "health, wealth and relationships" category, or do you buy stuff "just for fun"?