Why, what, how, what if…

Writing is difficult.

I’m always on the watch for the magic bullet that will make writing easier.

Why-what-how is a very condensed recipe to structure information in a way to reach all learning types (symbolized with circle, square, triangle and squiggle)

You can apply it to writing blog posts, courses, anything.

It works like this:

1) Start with the WHY. Why should I read your text?

2) What is it you’re writing about?

3) How does it work what you’re explaining?

4) What happens if I do what you say?

Sometimes you will focus more on the why, sometimes on the How-To – depending on if your readers already know what you are writing about, or not. Also called “where they are on the buyer’s journey”.

Btw, this is also a version of my Storyboard template.

Try it out and see if it helps!