Your Brand Persona

You are not your brand persona. Even if you are "authentic" in your brand.

Your brand persona is a simplified version of you.

And... is there a better way to simplify something than through simple drawing?

My doodles allowed me to explore my brand identity and my message.

Here is an early iteration of an "inspired artist" persona that I tried on.

Before I settled on my simple stripe design (and message.)

And...  I feel that I morphed into the person I was drawing all along!

Now, I buy striped sweaters and am no longer scared of the camera.

There is power in the pencil!

That's why we start the five-week Mess-to-Message journey within Visual Minds with your

  • Vision drawing, before we move on to
  • Your superpower
  • Your Point-of-View 
  • And we end with the Big Picture of your business

If you have questions, reply to this email or come to the Q&A session tomorrow!

1 hour Q&A about Mess-to-Message

How would you describe - or draw - your brand persona?