Branding Café glimpses

In my free branding café I show you how to visualize your business ideas with simple sketches.

Here are a few glimpses of "customer transformations".  The thing is: Your potential customer has two faces. One before, and one after they bought your service:

Face number one is when they are distressed, confused, desperate. (This is the first panel in my storyboards.)

Face number two is their "real" face. This is how things should be.

This is is the state that you help them achieve through your service.

In your communication, you must be aware of your customer's state of mind: It determines what they want to hear, or even what they CAN hear!

It helps to visualize your customer's journey, so you can see how to talk to them. Sometimes it becomes obvious that your words are too complicated or that you are using jargon.

Thanks to everyone who attended and to the brave volunteers!


This is a solopreneur who would like to become more visible, but is afraid of making videos.