Your solar system of topics

Are you clear about your THING? Your big idea, your vision, your life project?

If yes, congratulations!

If not, welcome to the club.

I find it terribly intimidating to come up with a life theme.
But why does it have to be for a whole life? Why not decide on a topic "for now"? My topic, for now, is "Brand Story", and a bunch of related subtopics.

If you are struggling to find your topic: It could be something that you are good at, intersecting with something you are interested in.

And, because visual is better: Try to draw your own "solar system of topics" mindmap! It might clarify things - and maybe one THING will stand out.

If you want help with figuring out your THING, why don't you join me tomorrow April 27 at 8 PM CEST on Zoom for a free workshop, and I share a few helpful exercises. (Visually, of course)


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