Defeat your inner mouse

Do you know this situation?
You want to post on Social Media.


And then... you just don't.
Because you all of a sudden you "don't feel like it".
Or because you are confused about what to post.
Or something happens so you "forget".
This had been me. I blamed it on my "introvert personality."
Until I found out, it is precisely not me!

There is an enemy.

The enemy is... My inner Mouse.

Life is so much easier when you have identified the enemy. Let's defeat the Mouse!

If you read this post, caging the Mouse has worked.

(Of course, my Mouse is a manifestation of what Seth Godin calls "Lizard Brain" and Stephen Pressfield calls "Resistance". My resistance happens to be mouse-shaped)

Does your lizard brain come in a certain shape or form?


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